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At WEB FACTORIA, we offer multimedia and motion graphics services that allow you to create all kinds of animated material. Multimedia is a type of animation that combines two or more media components, such as voice, data, video, and still images, into a single session.

Our team can efficiently create animated graphics for your website, WhatsApp, or social media channels. We start by using drawings from Photoshop or Illustrator and adding motion using After Effects.

Motion Graphics or Motion Design refers to graphics in movement. It is the most straightforward definition you can get. Your audience or customers will love it, and they will engage faster than with a regular flat design.

With the development of technology and the presence of screens in multiple devices, the full range of usage of Motion Graphics has expanded. What was previously used just to introduce technical information and set the mood for a story now serves a wide range of purposes.

Motion has been playing a significant role in helping build better interface experiences through the niche area of UX Motion Design, particularly with the advances of websites and apps. In advertising, especially on social media, motion graphics shine in everything from complex, story-driven ads to simple animated Instagram posts. It’s a great tool for helping companies stand out from the crowd.

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