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"Email marketing is critical for small businesses"- E-mail marketing is a complete strategy that enables you to interact with your customers. It's more than just sending some text and content. Effective email marketing can convert prospects into customers and convert one-time buyers into loyal customers.

In WEB FACTORIA, we provide you with a complete e-mail marketing service or offer a full-service platform for you to make your strategies either in your interior or exterior customer.

Follow these steps to create your email marketing campaign:

1. Set a goal
2. Choose an email marketing service
3. Build an email list
4. Segment your email list
5. Create a campaign, and build your email
6. Use autoresponders
7. Enable tracking and analytics

Pros of Email Marketing:

• Building relationships with customers
• Boosting brand awareness
• Promoting your content
• Generating leads
• Marketing your products
• Saving money
• Reaching a large audience

Email marketing compliance:

Several laws guide and govern the use of email marketing. The main law businesses need to be concerned about in the United States is the CAN-SPAM Act, which dictates a number of conditions that email marketers must follow to avoid receiving a hefty fine. The laws are aimed mostly at spammers and work to prevent the unauthorized use of people’s email addresses. So, if you are a legitimate business using an email marketing tool to send your campaigns, you’re likely already in compliance.

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